New York Art Residency & Studio Foundation (NARS) Upcoming Exhibition — Brooklynian

New York Art Residency & Studio Foundation (NARS) Upcoming Exhibition

What defines a community – a region, a people or an ethos? In consideration of this question, the NARS Foundation is delighted to present the inaugural South-West Brooklyn Exhibition, Threaded Archetypes, curated by Margaret Flanagan. Bringing together twenty artists from the southern region of Brooklyn, the discourse assembled addresses different archetypes of community. As conceived by Carl Jung, archetypes are images and thoughts with universal meaning that are understood across time and cultures.  They are embedded in the human psyche forming a communal sensibility that extends beyond borders. Threaded Archetypes began with an open call for a certain region (South-West Brooklyn), and   Through painting, installation, video, printmaking, and sculpture, the archetypes deftly explored though the work in this exhibition bring us back to the body, culture, technology, and the urban environment.

On View: February 5 – March 14

Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 6-8pm

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday: 12-5pm and by appointment


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