Do you recognize this lost dog? Need to find owners ASAP. Please share! — Brooklynian

Do you recognize this lost dog? Need to find owners ASAP. Please share!

Please help.
Does anyone recognize this dog?  (Pics below)
He was found on Sunday, 1/24 around Washington Ave/Atlantic Ave.
(Finder contact details pending...)

Super sweet/friendly seems to like other dogs. Knows sit, stay, down.
He wants to play with other dogs, take treats gently from the hand...very sweet.

If Owner not found may end up in shelter if no rescue can take in, and that could be a very bad fate for a pittie...

**Important: As this location is at the meeting point of various neighborhoods (Prospect Hts, Crown Hts, Fort Greene & Clinton Hill), it is hard to know where he may have come from, so please share to everyone in those 'hoods and look for lost posters in order to try to get the word out and get this sweet boy back home. Thank you.
(Update: Finder just notified that the dog was found on washington btwn fulton & atlantic ave, which is Clinton Hill, but still at edge of Crown Hts & Prospect Hts...Please share to try to get this good, gentle boy back to his family. )

No collar or microchip and is intact.

sweetpittie3 sweetpittie2 sweetpittie1


  • There's a auto body shop on classon near Atlantic that I've seen a similar looking dog with the workers there. He is generally off leash. I don't know the name of the shop. It's next to a live poultry place.
  • You're right. I have seen that dog as well, although I don't feel like it's the same dog. I will definitely reach out to the finder to ask them to walk the dog over there tomorrow to see if it is in fact their dog. Thank you so much, but please also keep your eyes peeled for any lost posters.
  • Great news. This dog's owners have been found and everyone is thrilled to be back together again!
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