Help me understand what this CLEN fine is on a house I want to buy in Brooklyn — Brooklynian

Help me understand what this CLEN fine is on a house I want to buy in Brooklyn

I looked up the info on the NY Property Site: and there's a charge for several thousand bucks there. the code is CLEN. How do I find out what it's for? My pops said its because there was a dead body and the place is haunted by ghosts. Pops is kind of loopy. If you look up the codes:


Is there a way i can learn more aboutt his fine? I am super curious.


  • See if there are also DOB violations on the property that occur around the same time as the DOH Clean up fee.    That might give you some additional hints.

  • There's nothing. Not even any permits, for anything. And it has been completely refurbed with in the past year. Is this something to worry about?

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    As a prospective buyer, the DOH might be able to give you more details about the charge.   Or, you could just ask the seller.

    Googling the address might be able to help if there was a crime on site, but is less helpful re: suicides, natural deaths, mercury spills, and meth labs.   

    I think the main issue is who is going to pay the outstanding fine:   The buyer or the seller? this point, I'd like to believe that whatever needed to be cleaned up, was.

    Lots of houses have histories.  

  • I went to the DOH website and could not find a section where you could look up charges and fines, only pay them. Googling has lead to nothing but the foreclosure auction.

    What about this question of permits. Should there be permits for a completely refurbed house?
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    The DOB publishes a list of work that does, and does not, require a permit:

    ...if prior work was completed without permits, some consequences can be levied on subsequent owners.     

    (but you should rely on a knowledgeable lawyer for the details)

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    If it's that much you might want to consult an attorney as Whynot has already suggested.
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    I checked that PDF and unfortunately I don't know what many of the construction terms mean. I know that there's a new boiler, new windows all around, a new basement entrance in the back (it looks like they removed old stairs that lead from the back to the yard.). All new interiors (floors, walls etc.). Does any of that need a permit?

    Also, I don't know if the DOH fee was paid. The tax website is so hard to understand.

    here is a screen shot:

  • I don't think anyone hear can understand that. Keep in mind we're average people. I'd really find an expert if I were you. Have you called the DOH department that deals with fines?
  • I want to make an offer on this place. When is the best time to bring up the $9k outstanding taxes as far as negotiation go? Also. The house is registered to an LLC. I google and got a PO BOX. Is there another way I can find out who the owner is?
  • We are not lawyers.
  • yeah, do you have a lawyer? they should be able to answer these questions. well, not about the LLC--as i understand it its really hard to trace who is behind an LLC sometimes.
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