What do you think of the proposed 73-story tower going up in Downtown Brooklyn? — Brooklynian

What do you think of the proposed 73-story tower going up in Downtown Brooklyn?


Supertall Brooklyn building proposal finds fury among area’s residents

A proposed 1,066-foot-tall skyscraper in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn has fury soaring among residents and community groups over concerns the neighborhood will be vertically engulfed by “supertalls.” JDS Development Group and the Chetrit Group revealed their plans this week for the 73-story residential building at 9 DeKalb Ave., which would be the tallest structure in the borough and sit right next to the iconic Junior’s restaurant. The design didn’t sit well with some Brooklynites, who said the building’s towering stature will destroy the neighborhood’s character. “This is becoming more and more like skyscraper Manhattan-type of living,” said Kenneth Peterkin, 52, of Bed-Stuy. “Instead of office buildings, they’re building these high rise apartments and how many of us can really, honestly, get into them?”

Mario Messina, an over-development watchdog, said the tower is a strong indication that the “supertall” trend hitting in parts of Manhattan has crossed the East River. “These tall buildings turn the neighborhood into high rise wastelands,” he said. “When the developers see that they don’t have any more room to butcher Manhattan, they will go elsewhere.” JDS and Chetrit can build the tower as of right, due to zoning changes for Downtown Brooklyn that were enacted in 2004. However, they need to get approval from the city’s Landmark Preservation Commission to remove part of the Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank building, which is on the same block. A LPC spokeswoman declined to comment ahead of the agency’s hearing about the plan on March 15.



  • While I would prefer not to see it be built, I must admit I'm intrigued by it. I don't mind increasing density throughout Brooklyn, but this does feel a bit too high. If it were around the height of its taller neighbors in the area, I would be happier.
  • I would love to be able to work in downtown Brooklyn, as opposed to all the way in Manhattan.

    ...while my employer is unlikely to choose Brooklyn, many Brooklynites will benefit from such choices.
  • We need more housing and office space, and downtown is the right place
  • i like it, it's tres half-life 2 combine citadel

  • If it had cables, it would remind me of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • I like skyscrapers. This one looks cool. And that bank is beautiful, so it is nice it will be integrated as a lobby.
  • This looks like the new headquarters of Dr. Evil. Couldn't they have have made it look less ominous?
  • I dont get the "if it was just like everything around it, it would be ok" (in quotes - but paraphrased)  How boring would the skyline be if we all thought like that.  Imagine the incredible view of manhattan from the upper floors!  Although I will never be able to live there, somebody will.  And at least for a time those views will be unobstructed.  This reminds me of the huge bru ha ha about the tall rental on flatbush by the park and and the knee jerk people saying "cant go higher that the surrounding buildings, which would completely eliminate any view etc. Having lived in the patio gardens on the 15th floor with a killer view of the park and botanical garden, I can highly recommend views and lets go higher and better.

  • It is so Battlestar Galactica. I kind of like it.
  • Looks like it would fit right in with developments in Dubai.
  • Or Kuala Lumpur.

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    626 Flatbush doesn't obstruct too much of my view. This proposed building wouldn't affect my view anyway because it's in the other direction. *shrug*

    Now will the MTA be able to expand capacity for to accommodate new residents?
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