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Future closure of 8 MTA stations in Brooklyn

I am not very familiar with all of the brooklyn neighborhoods. So, any info on which neighborhoods will be affected by the future closure of 8 brooklyn subway stations will be appreciated which will help in my search of condo/co-op. Please see link below. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I'd create a mental overlay of that map with this map: 

    ...happy hunting.


  • Can someone provide a link not to the map itself, but a page where the plan is dicussed? Thanks.
  • I'm under the impression that the plan has only been propsed and may actually not be implemented. 
  • Imlac, here is the link to governor's presentation: a reference to 30 stations and a list of those 30 stations is available here
  • I guess it should be pointed out that the plan is to modernize those stations. If they need to be closed to modernize them I presume it would be temporary.

  • I read somewhere that they can be closed for 6-12 months.
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    Why get rid of the Clinton-Washington stop off of the C?

    Why get rid of the 28th Street stop on the 6? I've been through that station, headed northbound during rush hour, and it's just as crowded as 23rd Street. (Sometimes one has to let the train go.) Shifting the passengers to 23rd may make it worse.

    One more observation: If the MTA were to close 96th Street, then all trains can go express along Central Park West.

    ETA: @amynaadi - These are temporary closures? Whew!
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