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A Deli war at Prospect and Classon

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The story goes like this:

Several long time employees of the Yemen Classon Deli at 502 Prospect (at the corner of Prospect and Classon) recently lost their jobs when a new owner/manager took over.

As a result, they are about to open a competing deli next door at 500 Prospect (formerly the home of Beri clothing boutique) , largely out of spite.



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    The only war I want to see between bodegas is a price war.  
  • They might compete on selection and service in addition to price.
  • Does the new place have beer?
  • Apparently the sign says yes, from what I've heard.  
  • are deli guys usually from yemen? the few i have gotten to know in my 13 years here have been from yemen.
  • In our part of Brooklyn, yes, many deli are operated by folks from Yemen.
  • And now the newer deli is being sold apparently.  Funny how the real estate pictures don't show the other deli right next door...... 

  • Does this mean they lost the war?
  • Hard to say.  

    Also, the "Highly confidential listing, please do not discuss with employees or patrons" detail is pretty hilarious.  Unfortunately for them, the whole idea of the internet doesn't really jive with this clause.  
  • The employees might not read the part of the internet this is advertised on.

    I doubt the own was able to recoup the costs of the renovations during the last six months, and suspect that potential bodega operators will be more interested in locations without a competitor next door.

    ...but we shall see what it will become.

    Only time will tell.
  • The deli on the right is now closed, with a For Lease sign on it.
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