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Cafe/Bagels Franklin and Crown St.

A new cafe and bagel shop is opening in the front of the Associated market on Franklin.   Looks like it's almost ready to go.   


  • I assume it is in the space behind the metal grates?

    Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.16.16 PM
  • Yes.   Not clear if its part of the store or not.  I think it's Kola cafe or Koala...  I think they'll be open in less than a month.
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    I sort of hope it is operated by the store;   I like to see existing businesses adapt.
  • I hope it's "Mountain" lite
  • This place is open now... and the name is indeed Koala.   Looks nice.   

    If they can make a go of it for at least 3 years they should do really well when 109 Montgomery, Seacrest on Franklin and Seacrest on Crown come on line.   That's gotta be at least 500 units of housing???

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    903 A Franklin
    Now maintaining regular hours and seem to have hit their stride.

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  • Is there seating? I heard it's by the same owners of Zaytoon's.
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    I can can confirm that there are stools, but not the ownership.

    Photos not by me


  • Photos by Anton Gold
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