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How to start/ continue real estate speculation threads

Hi folks-

There has been a lot of discussion behind the scenes with the moderators about the best way to handle all of the threads that are related to real estate speculation. For the last couple of years we've been doing a lot of renaming of threads after one business or another enters and exists a location, while people talk in between about the rumors on what's coming, what's going, etc. Rather than reworking these threads every couple of months, we'd like to take a new approach. Going forward discussions of real estate comings and goings should be titled as follows: 

[Street Number] [Street Name] [Cross Streets] 


417 Prospect (at Grand)

Once a new business opens you can start a new thread with the business name, and we can cross link the discussions in the threads. Hopefully it will keep the boards cleaner and you won't constantly see threads changing names with every new rumor that occurs. 


  • That works for me. It will nicely display to readers just how quickly some of these places go under.

    Note: Going under is not necessarily a sign of failure. Some businesses reopen a location elsewhere that they believe provides the same opportunities there site once did, and were profitable during their stay.
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