K2 Use Reaches 'Epidemic' Levels at Bed-Stuy Intersection, Locals Warn — Brooklynian

K2 Use Reaches 'Epidemic' Levels at Bed-Stuy Intersection, Locals Warn


"Officers are aware of nearby stores that reportedly sell the drug, and executed search warrants at the shops this year, he said.

There is a civil court case pending under the nuisance abatement law to shutter the offending stores, Henderson added.

Officers patrol the area during their tours, he said, and have issued hundreds of summonses in connection with synthetic marijuana.

During a recent traffic stop, men from Georgia who were staying in a Bronx shelter informed him they had come to the area because they'd been informed Myrtle and Broadway was the best place to find K2, the deputy inspector said.

“We are aware of it. It is problematic for us. We do a lot of work there, but as much as we take somebody off the corner, there’s someone else coming right along looking to purchase,” Henderson said.

The intersection has long been a problem, with elected officials and community groups in Bushwick calling for efforts to improve the area's conditions.

Locals have also complained about an increase in panhandling and homelessness at the intersection, as well as individuals urinating and defecating on the streets and sidewalks.

Officers from the 81st Precinct recently worked to clean up the corner where there was a homeless encampment, Henderson said, acknowledging that work is continuing.

Neighbors said they still find packaging for K2 littering the sidewalks, with brands like Green Giant or Black Mamba."

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