July 15th 7pm-830pm | Sound Healing Meditation with Stephanie Rooker — Brooklynian

July 15th 7pm-830pm | Sound Healing Meditation with Stephanie Rooker

The Green Spa & Wellness Center

8804 Third Avenue Bay Ridge

Brooklyn, NY • MAP

Click Link or Call 718 921 6100 To Reserve Now!

90 Minutes. $30 per person
Sound surrounds us constantly. Yet, it is not often that we can integrate the sounds around us into our self-care and healing processes. However, sound rendered and received with the intention of healing opens our awareness and our bodies to the profound effects of vibration. It is astonishing what a difference can be made in one’s physical well-being, state of mind, and quality of life with the regular exposure to even just a few simple sound healing techniques. 

Drawing from ancient meditative practices of Tibet and India, elements of indigenous shamanic traditions, as well as contemporary methods, this event offers a centering and revitalizing experience of sound to support optimal states of physical wellness, mental clarity, and emotional balance. By experiencing various instruments (including singing bowls, flutes, tuning forks, percussion instruments, chimes, and more) as well as exercising their own voices, participants explore fundamental principles of sound healing and learn how implementing these principles can have a positive impact on their holistic well-being.

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