July 20th 7pm-830pm | Hypnotic Workshop: Hypnotic Vacation — Brooklynian

July 20th 7pm-830pm | Hypnotic Workshop: Hypnotic Vacation

The Green Spa & Wellness Center

8804 Third Avenue Bay Ridge

Brooklyn, NY • MAP

Click Link or Call 718 921 6100 To Reserve Now!

90 Minutes. $30 per person. 
Space is Limited. 
Reserve in Advance.
Want to go on vacation every day? Imagine your private jet flying you to your personal paradise retreat! Every time you come to this place you leave feeling refreshed and restored. In moments you can retreat to your own personal Psychic Sanctuary in your mind whenever you choose. This exciting mental "app" gives you the ability to reach deep levels of relaxation and shrug off the stress of the day in moments. Take a relaxing 90 minute journey where you will design and enjoy your own private Psychic Sanctuary! This class is only taught once a year so don't miss your chance to go to your personal vacation paradise!

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