July 27th 7pm-830pm | Hypnotic Weight Loss Workshop — Brooklynian

July 27th 7pm-830pm | Hypnotic Weight Loss Workshop

The Green Spa & Wellness Center

8804 Third Avenue Bay Ridge

Brooklyn, NY • MAP

Click Link or Call 718 921 6100 To Reserve Now!

90 Minutes $30 per person. 
Space is Limited. 
Reserve in Advance.
Summertime is here! Wouldn't you like to feel fit in your bathing suit? You can lose weight easily using a combination of Conscious Eating and Active Play! Conscious Eating is a way to eat that feels better than what you are doing right now! You will learn how to really enjoy every meal you eat, eating better every week, never feeling foods are "forbidden" or that you're starving yourself. Active Play is another way to look at movement that keeps us healthy! Combined with a system that shreds stress, losing weight was never this much fun!

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