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Inspire Brooklyn public school students to love reading

Become a volunteer with Behind the Book, a non-profit organization that provides rich, innovative literacy programs in high-needs public schools. We identify books that speak to pre-K-12 students, then partner with teachers to develop immersive curriculum units that bring the authors into classrooms. Through a series of workshops, they discuss their books and teach a genre of writing, encouraging students to see themselves as readers and writers.
You need no experience or training to be a BtB volunteer. As a writing or research coach, art assistant, or in another active role, you'll engage and encourage students as they work on their creative projects, which is often a published book. You might help students polish their fiction or essays, create artwork in a variety of media, or research a topic they've chosen to write about.

Workshops last 90 minutes on a school day, usually in the morning. The programs are in public schools in Ft. Greene, Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, and Ocean Hill, as well as other boroughs.

To join our team and receive announcements of new volunteer opportunities, please complete our brief questionnaire. For more information, contact

Thanks for helping us create more readers for life in New York City public schools.
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