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Where to watch the game?

I'm meeting some old friends for dinner and my SO has requested we eat somewhere that is showing the Mets game. Only place that I can even think of is Dutch Boy/Franklin Park. Any other suggestions? 


  • Woodwork or Plan B on Vanderbilt, Mayfield on Franklin if you sit at/near the bar, Catfish on Bedford.  

    Woodwork's food is great but not a huge selection.  

    Catfish has great food, drinks and more than 1 television.  Also, a lot of the bartenders are Mets fans.. 
  • Thanks! I think we'll try Catfish. 
  • How did it go (besides the Mets losing)?  
  • Great! We ate then decided to head back to the house to watch the end of the game. That worked out perfectly, because SO hates to cry in public :) 
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