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Tell Me More

Join us for the opening reception of, Tell Me More- a group show featuring work by: Jennifer Dwyer, Natalie Fisk and Mary Negro.

The exhibition will be on view Saturdays from 1-5pm and by appointment. 

Together, artists Jen Dwyer, Natalie Fisk, and Mary Negro traverse through the unknown, through transitory meaning, through issues of transparency and personal bonds to objects. 
Using abstract and representational approaches to art-making, their imagery references innate desires for understanding. 

Rejecting the traditional palette of ceramics, Jen Dwyer’s muted hues create open spaces that allow viewers to bring their own preconceptions to the work. Drawn to the airy and ethereal quality of clay lines, her works speak to the language of scaffolding. Exposing a literal physical observance of contemporary visual culture. Her sculptures become tenuous metaphors, questioning a culture that simultaneously strengthens and weakens its own interpersonal barriers through social medias. 

Natalie Fisk’s paintings capture a liminal space between identified subject and affable uncertainty. In works such as Set Above, Try Below, viewers peer through loose lines of organic and inorganic color toward a deep space, where a mermaid cocktail pick floats. Fisk is moved by inner and outer consciousness, reality and the supernatural, positive and negative, and how art can create language surrounding the ambiguous and transient nature of meaning. 

In large-scale drawings such as Entry, communication itself is Mary Negro’s subject. The narrative behind her stream of consciousness writing—rendered in colored pencil—is essentially obliterated after Negro contours the pencil marks with ink. A selection of her Landscape collages will also be in view. In this series, Negro suspends fragments of painterly text behind glass before creating arrangements that reference moons and mountains. Transparency and agency are foundational themes in both of these series. 

Tell Me More is a demand that is never satisfied. Instead this exhibition examines how the unknown crafts understanding and experience.

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Located at:
47-39 35th Street, 2nd Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

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