The Embassy (Bar Opening in Old Nassau Brewing Caves) — Brooklynian


  • Cross streets?
  • Bergen near Franklin. 
  • Does this mean no more cheese caves? Or are those in a separate part of the facility? 
  • Separate building. It's to the right of the cheese caves. Same cave structure, though. 
  • I wonder how long that single story garage on the left (south side) has.

  • Thanks for the interest folks... I will be the Operating Partner and am keen to establish deep and mutually beneficial relations with my community (I live local too). Am happy to answer all and any questions as I can.
  • @angusw welcome to Crown Heights! Super excited about your venture.
  • I think our first question should be "When do you anticipate opening?" and our second question should be "Can we get some construction photos and/or blueprints of what it will look like?"
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    Here's some info about the bar, and the above poster: "Hong Kong will get an exclusive chance to preview the bar from its design to its drinks before it opens in the old Nassau Brewing Company building in Brooklyn, New York. The sneak preview will be at Quinary in Hong Kong for three days only from the 16th October to the 18th October. ​ The Embassy will take over Quinary, inside and out, with the exterior taking on the brick complexion of the Nassau Brewing Company and the interior capturing the underground brick vaults, once used for aging beer, that will house the New York bar. The Embassy is two bars in one, with a smaller more luxurious invite-only space known as The Residence where guests are treated to rare and fascinating experiences of classic drinks and oddities from around the globe. ​ Heading up the bar, curating the drinks and hosting is Angus Winchester, a bartender of 29 years and former Global Ambassador for Tanqueray Gins. A natural and entertaining bartender, trainer and speaker, Angus lives “Cocktail Culture” and is a walking encyclopedia of the stories and myths that surround every drink. He has won several prestigious awards including Best International Brand Ambassador 2012 at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards, Wine Enthusiast Best Mixologist 2012 and the Golden Spirit Award 2014 at Tales of the Cocktail as well as most recently being awarded Best Bar Mentor at the 2016 Spirited Awards. ​ In discussing his Hong Kong pop up, Angus Winchester remarked, ‘I’ve been coming to HK for as long as I’ve been a bartender. And when the opportunity presented itself to showcase what I’m going to do in NY, I leapt at the chance. As my friendship with Antonio Lai has endured for well over a decade and I have watched his rise from humble barback to influential Bar Owner with pleasure but no surprise. I am delighted to be able to help him and Quinary celebrate their 5th Anniversary. During the 3 days of The Embassy, I will be offering guests the opportunity to sample some of the finest cocktails I have collected in my travels and highlight what I feel are the most interesting and greatest examples of drinking in our global hospitality industry. In The Residence, I will be part bartender, part raconteur and all host to a limited number of discerning drinks enthusiasts."
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    Recent event in Hong Kong: (note $500 HK dollars = about $64 USD)
  • Thread about the renovation of the brewery complex that this bar will occupy a part of:
  • Thanks for welcoming me in... a few points 1. The Hong Kong 'Pop Up' has elements of the proposed Brooklyn version but it is by no means exactly what we will do there. It was a bit of fun helping out a HK bar owner I am friends with. That having been said it seemed popular. :) 2. As you can see the whole project is moving along (but slightly slowly) and at present we are looking at a Q3 2018 opening. 3. I will share designs as we get them signed off (as you know its a historic building and we are working to make sure the historic aspects are preserved. I have attached some pictures of the space as is now... 4. I have seen mention of "high end" referring to the bar. This is obviously a relative term that means different things to different people. This will be a bar for the neighborhood and its residents as well as something I hope the world will pay attention to. We will actively support the community (charities, people and producers) as we open. aw left end (2) left end scale
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    Nice. Yes, the whole building accepted some tax credits so there are a lot of constraints on what you'll be able to do. BTW, I'll publicize your posts via my twitter account, which often gets more hits than this message board. It has a lot of followers who live in and/or do business in Crown Heights. (whoops, actually Franklin and Bergen)
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