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Inspire Bed-Stuy students to love reading — Brooklynian

Inspire Bed-Stuy students to love reading

Become a volunteer with Behind the Book, a non-profit literacy organization that inspires New York City public school students to love reading. Through our innovative programs, which are part of the class curricula, accomplished authors lead workshops in high-needs pre-K-12 classrooms, where they guide students in creating their own writing and art projects based on the theme of the author's book.

No experience or training is necessary to volunteer. As a writing, research, or art coach, you'll engage and encourage students as they work on their projects. For details about dates to volunteer in Brooklyn and elsewhere, please visit our volunteer opportunities page.

Please contact to sign up for this workshop at a school in Bed-Stuy:

PROGRAM EADV0208 (6th grade)

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 8th from 9:00 – 10:30 AM
Volunteer Role: Writing Coach
Program: To study the foster care system, sixth-graders read Saving Baby Doe by Danette Vigilante, the story of a boy who finds an abandoned infant and tries to care for her. Students will reflect on how that situation would affect their own lives, then explore and suggest how to care for children who lose their primary caregivers. Writing coaches will guide them as they edit their drafts.

To join our team and receive announcements of new volunteer opportunities, please complete our brief questionnaire.