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Low cost Art Summer Camp (ages 2-6) — Brooklynian

Low cost Art Summer Camp (ages 2-6)

image  Kays Camp is an innovative summer program that allows children to explore the arts through a unique curriculum developed by a child expert with a masters degree in early childhood education. Our program gives kids diverse outlets to explore writing, drawing, theater and performance arts through unique environments and hands on activities. The program consists of time spent outdoors exploring exciting destinations in the city and time, creating and working on their own projects. Located in Brooklyn, NY

Our day includes:
- Draw and paint outdoors -Nature walks and sketch drawing -Art Gallery visits - Gardening in Community gardens -Movie making -Cake decorating classes -Theater shows in the park ..... And more

July 10-August 4th
4 week program (375$ per week)
For more info visit:
Or email: