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Volunteer at your local Community Garden to help the honey bee

edited May 2017 in Park Slope
Are you concerned about the plight of the honey bee? Help us provide a pollinator-friendly habitat in the middle of urban Brooklyn, at GreenSpace on Fourth Community Garden. New Volunteer Saturdays - first Saturday of each month, starting Saturday June 3rd, at 11 am. No gardening experience necessary. Tools and gloves provided. Greenspaceon4th.org 207 4th Avenue between Sackett and Union Streets Park Slope, Brooklyn, 11217 www.greenspaceon4th.org Bee Facts In North America alone, honey bees pollinate nearly 95 kinds of fruits and nuts, including almonds, avocados, cranberries and apples. Each of us relies on bees — and the pollination services they provide — every day. But bees and other pollinators are reaching a tipping point, with beekeepers reporting annual hive losses of a third or more in recent years. What’s at the root of this trend? Scientists agree there are multiple, interacting causes at play, including pathogens, nutrition and habitat loss, and pesticide exposure. One thing that everyone can do to help bees is to provide pollinator-friendly gardens, with native flowers, no chemicals, and a water supply. http://www.nwhoneybee.org/education.htmlhbh-bee
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