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I am back

Spoke to Warren on an email and I finally came back knowing how much I missed my blog Love Big Mama Hope I am on the correct page???????


  • Welcome back!!!!! Great to hear from you! The discussion is still going on over here: http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/574040#Comment_574040 Great to have you back sweetie!
  • hi cuz!!! so glAD YOURE BACK HERE.. WE ALL MISSED YOU!.. I am so sad I won't see you Saturday for our shopping day!! wish Mia congrats from me on her dance recital!! talk to you soon.. love ya.. xx
  • good morning friends. hope everyone is well!! Warren, how's it going?? hope you & Carol are doing well.. weather here is beautiful.. summer has arrived.. keep posting, people. :)
  • It was great talking to you this morning right before my workout. It brightened up my day Cuzzie Patsy and it was great touching base with Warren yesterday in an email. I am trying to get the old gang back but they are having a hard time signing in with old passwords etc. Maybe the administrator can email Franny to get her back on. Francesca_brunosaracino@yahoo.com
  • Thank you MOD it is great to be back.
  • Hi Terry, Now if we can get a few of the "old timers" also back, we will have a thriving blog again!!!
  • I think I was posting in the wrong place. lol Happy Sunday to all
  • Terry, we read you loud & clear. Were you in St Pete for all the rain we have been having? We did need rain to put down the brush fires but you know Florida. You go from one extreme to the other. From drought to floods. It still has more pluses than minuses living here. I sure do not miss the SNOW!
  • yes the 3 weeks I was there it rained a lot but it was ok had lots to do with the Condo but it stil was relaxing and I slept later while I was there and had dinner with the cousins and friends. We ate out the three weeks straight because we did not have a kitchen. Can't wait to get back.
  • Hi friends Happy Sunday!! Home relaxing today. Tired from Work all week & out all day yesterday. Cuz it was just me & Mildred yesterday. We need to set another date soon!! My brother Barry & his wife & my nephews Are in from Georgia. Will see them Tomorrow Night. Taking his grandson who is the same Age as my grandson to Adventure Land (Which is the old Nellie Bly) on rides & than To dinner & back to my house for dessert. Cuz, I'll talk to you soon. Xx Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! :)
  • I was down your way today looking for a new car at the Volkswagen Dealership . I think I am going to buy another Beetle. My Beetle is 17 years old next month going to ship it to Florida. I really don't like any other cars lol Have fun with the family..Yes lets get a new date. Where was everyone??? Love ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Hi cuz Happy car shopping. I love Volkswagens. Perfect for you. Going to bed now. I have long day Tomorrow. Talk to u soon. Love ya Xx :)
  • hi friends just stopping in to say hello & enjoy your day!! :)
  • Good Morning all Tomorrow is the last day of school. woo hoo Have a great day
  • This Month I have a Grandson Graduating from High School, a granddaughter graduating from middle school and a Grandson entering his last semester in College out on L.I.. Also a grandson changing teaching jobs from one district in NJ to another. I have a granddaughter who graduated from college two years ago and still is trying to find a job in her major from college. Meanwhile she is working in a vets office. She loves animals so I guess that is not too bad. Another Grandson is in Studies and work on the side from Stevens Institute in Hoboken. Can't keep up with them!!!!
  • Wow You must be one proud Grandpa.. Have a great night. I have the two girls sleeping over tonight because Mommy and Daddy (both teachers) have their end term dinner on the same night tonight. I am exhausted. lol I try very hard to enjoy every minute because it goes so fast. I remember when I first started and found the Dailyslope Mia was just a little baby and now she is 10 and has a sister that is 6. Before I know it they will be your grandchildren's age. xoxoxo
  • good afternoon, friends, want to wish everyone a great weekend!!! relax & enjoy!! warren, I picked up 'murder games' by Patterson today at library. i will start it tonite.. its his latest book... i'll let u know how it is.. say hello to Carol.. :)
  • hi cuz.. i'll talk to u soon. love ya xox
  • Have a great sunday...Nice this morning here in Staten Island around 72 and sunny Not hot yet.
  • hi friends.. have a great 4th of july!!!
  • Have and great and safe 4th.
  • Hot & Humid but what do you expect in Florida in July? We had a barbecue buffet for dinner today along with some liquid refreshment. Followed up with a gathering to sing Patriotic and all the old songs with Bob, his wife and his portable organ. Now just relaxing the rest of the 4th.
  • It was not too bad here in Staten Island. We had a little breeze in the yard.Ate way too much but back on my healthy eating today. Warren I am coming down to Saint Pete the end of the month for about 9 days and probably for a month in October or November. Mike has 4 more yeas left to retire and he said he will be down there for 6 months out of the year. Not me lol Maybe 3 months I want to be home for the holidays with the kids. Have a great day..xoxoxo
  • Just in case anyone is looking for it, the Brooklyn Back When main comment thread is here : http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/574156#Comment_574156 Have a great weekend everyone!
  • MOD said:
    Just in case anyone is looking for it, the Brooklyn Back When main comment thread is here : http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/574156#Comment_574156 Have a great weekend everyone!
    I went on the above thread and it ends and continues on here Is this where we are suppose to be or on the above???? CONFUSED (as usual lol)
  • Have a great weekend....
  • Had quite a rainstorm this afternoon. Our screened Lanai got flooded. (For you Northeners, a Lanai is just a Patio with a fancy name!) Been reading some lesser known Authors of late. Not too shabby. I will have to go across the street to get the latest Higgins. Our Library carries mostly large print and some publishers do not get them that way. I am up to date on Patterson and Woods. T-Bone, when you come down, be sure to bring a rain coat!
  • Good morning friends Hi cuz You're in the right spot! Will talk to u soon Xx
  • Hi Warren I'm reading Patterson's latest book. "Murder Games" Really good & fast moving. We had some rain on & off here, But not too bad. I hope the sun is out now for the Floridians! It's going to be about 90 today here. It's was hot & humid yesterday. Ugh!! I'm not a fan of the summer. I always preferred fall & winter. Enjoy your day!! Tell Carol i said hello!! :)
  • Carol picked up a Patterson book but it was one of the Maximum Ride series which is NOT an adult book. Read two chapters and brought it back to the Library. I thought "Murder Games" was a redo of the "Rio" book. Just watched Venus Williams get whooped by the Spanish girl in the Wimbledon's final. Disappointing. I hope Federer does better tomorrow. The Yankees stunk the place out last night with terrible fielding and they blamed it on the pitching. Oh well, beginning to look like there will be NO New York team at the top of the heap this year. Washington is running away with the Mets division.
  • Interesting article about the Gowanus Canal and its historical significance: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jul/16/gowanus-battle-of-brooklyn-new-york-history-maryland Hope all remains well for each of you. Take good care & keep smiling! :)
  • hi Richard, thanx for sharing.. hope all is well. :)
  • hi friends.. NY is in a hot spell.. where is autumn??? :)
  • Hey Son, Interesting article, thank you. My Father worked in the Citizen Works plant of B'klyn Union Gas Co. right on the canal for many years before their whole operation switched to the Greenpoint plant with the onset of Natural Gas. I can remember as a kid coming home from Red Hook pool and one of my crazy friends would dive into the Gowanus on the way home. He did not smell to good! There are so many historic places in Brooklyn that people are unaware of. Without going back so far, I wonder how many people who enjoy Prospect Park without realizing that during WW2 it was home to an Anti-Aircraft battery??? Patsy- It is only July. Please, Autumn is a long way off. Turn up the A.C. I
  • Well finally I got on. Was having a hard time for over a week Needed my password. Lucky i can remember anything these days lol Had to reset it AGAIN. Hey Warren I remember my Mom telling me stories of jumping in the Gowanus after she went to the pool. Every time we would drive down that neighborhood she would tell us all the stories of her days as a young girl. Also went to the Bath houses when she was young. She grew up on Carroll Street and after that when she was older she lived on 15th street and 4th Hope all is well
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