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Brooklyn Museum fountain and unleashed dogs

Can fellow dog owners PLEASE keep your dogs ON the leash when allowing them in the Brooklyn Museum fountain. Not only are you risking at least a $100 fine per dog every time you do this, but it's going to ruin it for those of us who want to let our dogs play in the fountain ON-leash, if police start patrolling this area and tell everyone to keep out. Not to mention, not all dogs get along, and allowing your dog off-leash in a public area is very, VERY irresponsible.


  • Call local precinct if you see unleashed dogs and take photos. I did. Cost owner 500 DOLLARS EACH DOG. There is a LEASH LAW. Maybe a ticket will make them follow it.
  • Forgot to mention two dogs almost got hit by a car because they chased a squirrel across the street. AND in another incident i managed to get dog off leash running down the street for owner. Copped an attitude when i told her about leash law.
  • Yeah, the attitude always gets me. I always ask them to please put their dog on a leash. And the response is usually "why?", or even "my dog isn't going to hurt anyone." Really? THAT's your first concern? Not about the safety of your own dog?!?
  • I give an even BIGGER attitude and tell them i will report them.
  • And this woman never thanked me for catching her dog running down the street. With her attitude and that i lectered her on good manners.
  • Get a room, you two.
  • One. Freedom of speech. Two. You must have a dog you put off leash. Get a life.
  • I don't understand why dog owners let their dogs off their leash in public (i.e. outside of a dog run). I really don't. They really want to risk getting sued if doggie were to bite someone? (I don't care if your dog is the sweetest ever; every being has its breaking point.)
  • mugofmead111. I am in neighborhood of Prospect Heights. Near Vanderbilt area. Just gave someone $500 ticket. To answer your question one is entitlement. They have no respect for the law or public or dogs safety.
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