Nickname your ethnic mix/location/neighborhood!!! — Brooklynian

Nickname your ethnic mix/location/neighborhood!!!

McFlips near ProClo in CroHo?!


  • I am also Half-Croatian and Half-Irish, but alas, I do not live on Eastern Pkway, but on Prospect Place :(

    However ...
    <TANGENT>I'm reminded of this guy who was sitting behind me on a plane last week telling his kids that Czechoslovakia is now divided into Serbia and Croatia! I was thinking, no way man, you're thinking of Yugoslavia! But, of course, I just sat there and let him misinform his kids. </TANGENT>
  • I also notice you don't have a fat orange cat ... 8)

    (well, they ARE optional ...)
  • Oh, and I guess you wouldn't consider being a Cro-At in Cro-Ho, right? :?
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