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Directing Your Life Purpose

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There’s more to A Ministry of Cats than TNR, Colony Caretaking and Feral Cats: the energy that holds all that together is the thing that triggers my life purpose. The need to write; the need to advocate; the need to be alive for a reason; personal development and evolution are all put into service to achieve my purpose in life. When people ask “what’s your purpose in life,” I think that we all have the same basic purpose and that’s to become aware and therefore fully alive. Knowing your life purpose helps you to survive in our complex world and you need a map or you’re either going to drift like a Jelly Fish or keep crashing into the rocks like flotsam. The difference is in what triggers us to keep going and gives us the focus and motivation to direct that energy outward. When you become isolated your energy stagnates because it stays with you and has nothing to do. “Why bother” becomes the question of the day. I may be rescuing myself over and over again and bringing the underdog with me and I want it to be to a better place so I want to do my best every day. More: lose your mind find your soul kitten


  • Great image, thanks for the work you do.
  • Thank you - there are a lot of people frustrated beyond words at not having resources or networking. The idea of the Crazy Cat Lady needs to be cleared up. If I can write about it; bring people together to grow personally and stay sane while working in this energy draining niche I may be a useful part of this planet. I want us to connect and grow and maybe we'll grow a really great Village or Tribe. But we'll grow. I'm still in the trenches; I currently find myself in a position where there are 6 kittens and 2 adults and I need to finish tnr them by end of October. It's doable, thanks to a fellow trapper who will help me but we all need this team work for success. I have hopes that we will get there, I have hopes that people will come together for the animals and for each other. thank you for reading.
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