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NY State Senate District 20 Race

It is refreshing to see someone challenging Senator Jesse Hamilton. The skulduggery of his defection to the IDC immediately after the 2016 election proves that he has no place in representing the citizens of District 20 as a Democrat. Zellnor Myrie looks to send him packing. I hope there will be debates. http://gothamist.com/2017/10/26/zellnor_myrie_jesse_hamilton.php


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    Because I believe that complete control of NYS government by Dems would be a complete and utter disaster, I hope and pray (and I'd be stunned if Hamilton didn't easily defeat Myrie) for Hamilton's continued success. The interesting thing is that Hamilton is in a VRA district, which is predominately black/African American. His views align more closely with a majority of the black/African American community than they do with extreme leftists seeking to displace him.
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