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448 Park Place

What's up with this abandoned backhouse? It's apparently owned by local 'affordable housing developer' Kenneth Diamondstone but it mostly seems like he's been letting the one building on the property fall apart rather than developing affordable housing. https://zola.planning.nyc.gov/lot/3/1167/12#18.21/40.67509/-73.96208 http://www.nyccfb.info/public/voter-guide/primary_2001/cd_statements/cd33_kdiamondstone.htm He bought it for $25k and it's probably worth 1000x that now, considering it's zoned R6A and has something like 7500 BSF. image


  • I was wondering about this lot the other day too. Decent sized amount of open space and the building is in really bad shape.....
  • Here's the location from the air. It is right across from the Detective Castle Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.50.14 PM
  • Since this lot/building (the city apparently classifies it as a vacant lot) is owned by an actual dude in the neighborhood, as opposed to a sketchy LLC, can we just leave a letter in his doorstop asking what's up? Or should I just openly & notoriously start occupying the lot so I can adversely possess it?
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    To his credit, the lot is secured by a compliant/intact fence, and he does keep up with the taxes. However, I wonder how many times a month he gets offers for it from the CASH Now buyers (aka sketchy LLCs).
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