So, the parking garage on Sterling between Washington and Carlton has gone belly up with Marshall's notice posted and a complete uncommunicative, uncaring set of new owners. Can't get our car. (But they keep telling us to come and get it and when we go there no one is there...) And we have been told our payment of $375 for January is never to be returned. (At least the hardworking attendants got their year 3nd bonuses because no one knew the place was hours away from from being seized...) It is quite clear. Who you gonna call? YIKES!


  • Sorry, which garage is this? Sterling doesn't meet Carlton, and if it's another street, there are two avenues between Washington and Carlton.
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    Where is this? There's no part of Sterling between Washington and Carlton. Might be worth calling the police if someone has your property and won't give it back to you. And file a chargeback if you paid by credit card, or stop payment if you paid by check and the check hasn't been cashed.
  • Must mean Classon not Carlton?
  • Sorry. Meant Classon!
  • Huh. Do you mean the one in the new-ish development?
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  • It was/is 500 Sterling. Strange goings on! Still do not know what's happened except they took everyone's money and ran.
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    I was in that lot too. They totally screwed us. When I asked for a discount for paying 6 months or a year up front, they wouldn't do it. They said that there was no incentive for them to do it. Then 6 months in, they offered a discount for paying in advance. That's when I knew the the jig was up. I wrote to Barryville (management). They said that they are actively working on the situation and anticipate it to be resolved ASAP. They claimed, that this was caused by the building's new management company. And that their lawyer was in court now handling the situation. I friend talked to the manager of the building. He said that once legal part is over, they would have to get insurance to be able to park non-resident cars. After no word from Barryville for 4 days, I wrote back. This us what I got. "We have been at odds with the building management over provisions of our lease. We took over the parking facility with a contingency to offer parking to the tenants AND outside clientele. We would never have attempted to manage this location without the ability to offer parking to non-tenants. The numbers just don't work and we could never come close to breaking even or making a profit. We were blindsided when the building management illegally took possession and we are currently fighting this situation in court. We are eagerly awaiting the final ruling and will communicate it to you as soon as possible." I called the buildings manager for more clarity, and have not gotten a call back. We were the ones blindsided. I had to cancel checks and others had to cancel credit card payments. I feel bad for anyone who paid upfront. I also feel bad for the attendants who loss their jobs right after Christmas. I don't see this ending soon, or ending well, so I'm looking for a new place to park. yikesart, If I find something comparable, I will PM you.
  • ah, the new building. 500-sterling-place-crown-heights-62014
  • lots of voicemail this PM. get car now or daily fine and if not picked up by Saturday will be towed by PD. Um, really? the developer doesn't take or return calls. various Security companies call. feel sorry for whom theae people will be their landlords! yikes.
  • That's insane. Does that building have a doorman?
  • So, as instructed (and motivated by threats to have NYPD tow the hostaged car) my wife dragged over and finally was given access to our car. the battery was dead. A tenant!! in the beleagured building helped her jump start it. And that dreadful company is past history. The tenant said the residents are beside thenselves over the goings on.
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