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1066 Nostrand Ave ("Chagrin Falls") wants to be a bar

Businesses on Nostrand Ave south of Empire continue to open. This one is between Lefferts and Lincoln, a short block south of the Sterling subway stop, and about 1 block north of the next closest bar, Salem's Hour. From the CB9 minutes: "Application for a liquor, wine, beer and cider license. Owners have owned bars in Manhattan, including Grassroots on St. Marks Place, and New Orleans. Hours will be 12PM-1AM during the week and 12PM-2AM on weekends. The menu will have small plates, but nothing substantial. There is a back seating area, but it will not be used very often. There may be some unadvertised live music at certain times with a piano on premises, but the lease does not allow loud music. FDNY had no issues with the building. The building was recently soundproofed." 1066 I looked up Grassroots. Somewhat divey, but like a nice dive. It's been open for decades and i'd literally never been, but they shut down this past December. I'm guessing the owners are looking to open up something similarly casually in an affordable place--here's hoping they follow through.


  • Ever since Taste of Brooklyn shuttered, I've been hoping that a watering hole would open in its place. Looks like this could be it. As an aside, I have enjoyed Salem's Hour a lot. The food is quality, and the portions are generous. One night, the owner Steve took on the role of chef and bartender. Somehow he found time to regale us with a tale about playing drums with Ryan Adams and hanging out with the dudes from Cheap Trick.
  • Yeah, Salem's Hour is really nice, but i personally feel like the price to food quality is off. It's about as good and complex as food I could make myself at home--which i wouldn't find to be a problem if it was slightly cheaper. I do love having a drink there tho. I just wish a bar would open down by Clarkson or Parkside!
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