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Not ProHo, CroHo or Lefferts but . . .

We are the HEART OF BROOKLYN!!!!

I get a magazine called BKLYN which is great (it came with a great calendar for the neighborhood events) In my newest one it mentions its website and it is called and their main office is at 789 Washington Street. It has great information, write ups about local bars (Soda was featured in one), etc. There is great information for parents about camps, park and zoo activities and so much more. I suggest you all take a look at it. Of course it's not as wonderful as our dailyheights site but almost as good :)

Hope you enjoy!



  • Are you sure the magazine is by Heart of Brooklyn? I looked at their website and didn't see anything about a magazine. I think HoB is the place where Atim held the planning meeting for the PH Arts Festival--it looks like they are a group trying to promote tourism to the PH/Park/Museum area.

    I found this: BKLYN Magazine ( "Led by Publisher Joseph McCarthy of Cobble Hill, the new, independent BKLYN will broaden its coverage beyond its previous cultural bent. Plans also call for the magazine to be published bi-monthly beginning in the fall of 2005. It has been a quarterly. "
  • Ah, here we go:

    "BKLYN will continue its relationship with the consortium of not-for-profit institutions known as Heart of Brooklyn, and will be a benefit of membership for those who join its member organizations. They include the Prospect Park Alliance, The Brooklyn Zoo, The Brooklyn Public Library, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Children's Museum."
  • Sorry my bad :( you are right - the magazine BKLYN carries the calendar published by Heart of Brooklyn. My mistake. It still has the links to the Museums, etc.

  • I still think we should be called the Heart of Brooklyn :)

  • Sadly, BKLYN Magazine is one of those offline affairs, which makes it really hard for us to highlight (or even find) anything of interest to the PH. There is a PDF on their website, but it's only the front cover and the table of contents. Come on, guys. Hopefully the new publisher will be a little more forward thinking with regard to the online component.

    The good news is that if you live in central Brooklyn, you can get this magazine for free, by mail, if you are willing to give up your demographics (education, income, etc.) on their website.
  • They sound selective as to who they will give a free subscription to. If you read the press kit for advertising they list specific zip codes and income levels that they are targeting. They ignore the whole PH/Fort Green/Clinton Hill area and focus only on BH, CG, PS, and lower manhattan. This makes me think they won't give a subscription to anyone but we'll see.

    With no online presence and limited distribution to newstands I wonder if I'll ever actually see a copy of this mag.
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