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Problems seeing the site

I've had two reports over the past few days that people are having trouble seeing the site. If you're having similar problems, please post below:
1. Windows (version) or Mac?
2. Browser and version (check under help->about)
3. What exactly are you seeing/not seeing?



  • Subject: problems w/ site

    1. windows
    2. IE 6.0
    3. most recent post shows up, the header for the penultimate post, then no text and nothing else below it.
  • dammit.

    ltj, what version of windows? and is it IE 6.0.2900?
  • Subject: aha!

    OK. Seems that some browsers break when the graphics are too wide for the columns. The black panthers photo, and the protest photos were all 500 pixels or wider. I'm using 400 pixels now as the upper limit of what works. How does it look now?
  • Subject: dailyheights

  • yes i haven't been able to read the beast bar posting (if there is one) for the last 2 days. there's just a headline but no further text.
  • Really? I thought I had fixed everything. Do you see just a blank page under the Beast Bar headline? What version of Internet Explorer are you using? What version of Windows?
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