a bit OT, but... ARG!!! stupid fedex.. — Brooklynian

a bit OT, but... ARG!!! stupid fedex..

ok - not really a PH question, but fedex delivered 2 packages, sig not required, paperwork for my job to 230 VANDERBILT, not 230 UNDERHILL. :roll: (the addresses were typed with the right address.. grumble).

there's a 230 vanderbilt ave *and* st in brooklyn, and I'm trying to figure out how to call someone in each building to see if my package is there. I'm not holding my breath that fedex is going to get them back - I think I'm going to have to get a car service to drive me around tomorrow and hope I can figure out how to get into the building foyers, or leave notes..

any ideas for looking people up by address? google and reverse address look-up is no help (but I did learn that there is a 230 vanderbilt in staten island, lord help me.)

phew. ok. i'm done.
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