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Interviewees needed on Brooklyn comedy — Brooklynian

Interviewees needed on Brooklyn comedy

edited November -1 in Prospect Heights
I'm looking for local residents to interview for an article for Time Out New York on Brooklyn comedy. If you go (or have gone to) comedy shows in Brooklyn (can be anywhere in Brooklyn, though there are a few shows like Ed Sullivan on Acid at Freddy's Back Room, and some shows at Ripple Bar, that I'm looking at specifically in Prospect Heights), and live in Brooklyn (or if you happen to live elsewhere but travel in to see comedy shows in Brooklyn), and would like to give a short quote via email, please write to me at mail @ with "Brooklyn comedy" in the subject line and I will send you some questions. I'm on a pretty tight deadline so would need this by this afternoon, but I just need 2-3 sentences from you so this would take less than five minutes.

Thank you!

Rachel Kramer Bussel