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Six Feet Under — Brooklynian

Six Feet Under

I'm taking that beyond at face value with this topic...

Any SFU fans in the nabe? Like/hate this season? Excited for the finale tonight?


  • Yes. An Englishman in New York feels pretty strongly about it:

    "Have you ever cried helplessly for 15 minutes because something was so beautiful? ... It took Heidi and I that long to stand up after the credits rolled. We couldn’t speak or even look at one another—no TV show has ever had such an effect on me ... what happened wasn’t even the point; what mesmerized us was how it happened and how gorgeous it looked. Do you realize that tonight was historic? The greatest TV show ever made is over, forever."
  • i watched the last half hour of last night's episode and cried the entire time ... i'm going to watch it all tonight. i'm getting the kleenex ready. it's so silly, but i almost feel as connected to those people as i am to my own family. i miss them already ...
  • Jesus Shoot-Me-Now Christ, what a way to kill off a show. I just watched it. Crazy. I'm going to really miss it. I just netflixed everything on DVD so I can watch them all again.
  • Now that a Sunday has gone by without a SFU episode, I'm actually kinda pissed off that they killed it. It was the best thing on TV...