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Prospect Park SW 10th Ave - Missing Planters/Flower Po

Ever wonder why the limestone on the corner of Prospect Park SW and 10th Ave is missing its 2 planters from either side of the stoop? The rest of the lime/brownstones on the block have them. Well here's what happened many moons ago:
This is where my great grandparents (the Mirabito's) lived for many years in the early to mid 20th century. My dad moved to the top floor with his mom & dad shortly after he was born in the early '30's.
One day just after dinnertime, a group of trolley conductors and motormen returned to the trolley car barn on the spot where Bishop Ford is today (500 19th Street), after finishing their run. They decided to go to a local pub, preceded to get inebriated and got into their 1940's era car heading south on Prospect Park SW. They promptly drove that car right up onto the stoop of my great grandparents' house, knocking over and ultimately destroying the flowerpots. The way my dad tells the story, my grandmother gave these guys a piece of her mind and they agreed to pay for the repairs/clean up - except, the flowerpots were never restored. There were no cops, no DWI's, no arrests, just an apology. And they made good on their promise. Now you know the rest of the story...


  • i have to admit, i never wondered, but as no-one is ever active in the Windsor Terrace section, I felt you deserved at least one reply.
  • That's a pretty good story. I love finding out history of the hood. My landlord has lived here 50+ years and she has some good stories (and long-winded not so good ones )
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    Thanks for the replies/feedback. Not having any visuals hurts - I have quite a few pictures on the 10th Ave side of the house but none that show the front (although I know we have at least one image that shows the flower pot still there and a trolley going by - just have to find it).
  • I'll be sure to walk by it.

    One story that I like/hate is my neighbor who told me when they moved onto my street (30+ years ago) their house cost $46,000 (worth well over $1,000,000) now.

    She said that they were more interested in the house on the other side of the street (since they have 3 floors above ground and my side has 2 above and one half-above and half-below), but that house cost $47,000 and they didn't have the extra $1,000.
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    That's incredible! I can only imagine what my great grandmother's place would go for now (its got that garage, after all). And from what I recall about the description of the interior, a custom build bar down the basement that would rival any commercial establishment (by and for one of my uncles back in the '40's).
    The vast majority of my relatives in PS/KH rented; as they would say, "we didn't have a pot to piss in." But the Mirabito's, they were wealthy and actually owned the limestone on the corner of 10th and Prospect park SW. They also owned a deli over on Underhill. Regardless, its fun to imagine what the ancestors' would think if they returned to PS today.
  • I like it when people talk about Windsor Terrace! Don't know if you've seen this, but you can buy old tax pictures from New York City. From 1939-1941 they photographed every property in the city (showing block and lot numbers) and you can buy them online for $30 each. They usually show the front of the building so if they drunken trolley guys crashed their car after 1941, then you could probably see the planters.

    I got a picture of my old building at 135 PPSW and it's awesome. Here's the website.
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    Thanks for the link. I spoke to my dad and he gave me the addrerss: its 35 Prospect Park SW; I ordered two copies, one for my collection and one for Dad. I'll post the image here once I have it (in about 3-4 weeks);
    I hope it has the flower pots!!
  • excellent! looking forward to seeing it (hopefully with flower pots!)
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