Quiz Night in Prospect Heights this Sunday — Brooklynian

Quiz Night in Prospect Heights this Sunday

Subject: social committee

You guys are like the Neighborhood Social Committee. One thing after another. Maybe next you can organize a ski trip?


  • Subject: Empire Roller Disco

    Not a ski trip, but definitely a roller skating trip to:

    Empire Roller Skating Center
    200 Empire Blvd.
    Flatbush, Brooklyn NY 11225
    PH: (718) 462-1400

    Adult Night 21+:
    Tuesdays 8 pm - 1 am
    Saturday 11 pm - 4 am
    Admission: $10.00
  • Is this a write down quiz or we have to talk out loud? My social anxiety disorder is asking.
  • Heehee! It's a written quiz. There are four or five rounds of ten or so questions each. You will not be graded on class participation.
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