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What do you want to see on dailyheights.com?

People of Prospect Heights: This website is for your benefit. What do you want to see on a site about this neighborhood?


  • I think it' awesome so far. I'd like to see more reviews of nights out in Pheights, like go to a bar and take pictures of drunk people and interview them. Oddly, I have no desire to actually go to bars and interview people but I would want to read the interviews. OK, maybe they don't have to be drunk people at bars but how about regular "man on the street" type stuff. I'd also like to see some bitching about how we don't have a proper store here, you know, like a green grocer type store. I guess I can provide the bitching.
  • Subject: Agreed

    All good ideas. I would actually go out and do some of that if it were 10 degrees warmer.
  • Shi', I feel like that's what I do too much of.

    Well at least now maybe I can make use of it....
  • I'm all for a "night out in P. Heights" section. Plus it'd be great if there was an email post feature.
  • What do you mean by an e-mail post feature? Do you mean something where people could add their own posts to the site?
  • Nope, I meant the option of emailing the posts to someone else.
  • I'm in. I want to check out Beast, the other joints in the area that are jacking up property value and, by extension, our rents. I'm interested in the patrons of these places. They've changed in the 1+ that I've lived here.
  • Subject: Haircut

    I want someone to go get a haircut at Teryl's Barbershop on Vanderbilt and furnish documentary evidence of the experience.
  • Oooh, ooh! Night out in Pheights would be fun!
  • I know a few guys who swear by Teryls. He's always got guys getting cuts in there. :o
  • Subject: Night out in Pheights

    For now, I think any "night out in pheights" posts would fit under Bars/Nightlife ... Just waiting for you to send in your photos!
  • Subject: maps

    It would be cool to have maps with store information on them like on http://www.smalltownbrooklyn.com/

    They do this for flatbush ave as part of park slope but stop there.
  • I'd also like to see more stuff that's about the area towards the Park/Museum. It seems like most of the cool stuff is over towards Bergen/Dean. Like what's that raw looking bar on Washington towards St. Johns? Anyone ever been?
  • Candicissima wrote: Like what's that raw looking bar on Washington towards St. Johns? Anyone ever been?
    I've stepped in but never been in properly. It seems cool though, there's always good music playing. I think it's called Sepia. Just reread your post and realized you are saying Washington while I'm talking about Underhill, so just ignore me.
  • I actually did check out Sepia last night. It's pretty cool. And only around the corner from me more or less, so that's a bonus!

    Someone should definitely be on writing up bars in the nabe.
  • that someone could be you...
  • Subject: The raw lookin' bar...

    Candicissima wrote: Like what's that raw looking bar on Washington towards St. Johns? Anyone ever been?
    That particular bar is called "Ripple Bar" It used to be Buttafly a year and half ago, but it was re-opened as Ripple. It has some great DJ's and hosts an open mic on Thursdays and Comedy show on Mondays.

    It's a nice spot.[/code]
  • Subject: bar on washington at st john's

    Candicissima, are you talking about ripple? or the bar next door to it? ripple, i had went a while back and mutliple fights broke sort of turning me off. however,recently, i have been back a few times. great place. nice diverse crowd, good music. saron, the owner, is a great guy. not sure if it is something that they will continue doing for different artists or if it was a one time thing for someone with a connection to the bar, but for a few weeks, they had a local pheights artist's work hanging up and for sale.
    Isa, as for sepia, since it opened, its been my favorite pheights bar. definitely a place everyone should check out.
    interesting tidbit, i believe in the the summer time, the staff/owners/patrons of sepia and the same of ripple play softball against each other in the park.
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