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tattoos — Brooklynian


Suggestions anyone? Preferably Williamsburg/Greenpoint area... but i'm willing to go anywhere in Brooklyn.

I'm looking for someone who's good with typography, lines & graphics.

As of now, i'm leaning towards Saved Tattoo or Tattoo Culture. But I'm curious about Hold Fast and East River.

Suggestions, reviews, warnings... etc?


  • Lotsa my friends have had work done at Saved. All high five-able work.
  • New York Adorned has a Brooklyn space now too which is well worth checking out. 376 Bedford Ave.
  • I say go to Alex, he rocks! Currently at Three Kings
  • poppy13 wrote: I say go to Alex, he rocks! Currently at Three Kings
    That's the place next to Enid's right? I've heard they're real good. I need to start stakin' out a location for myself soon as well.
  • Yeah, right near there. What are you thinking of getting? Alex did an awesome job on a re-do tat and a new one I got. I was totally happy the result and the vibe of the place.
  • well i do want to eventually get some coverup work done on my first tattoo ever (its horrid). and i also want to get a sketch of a bird flying out of a factory. all black line word, some black fill in, that's it though. still tryin to decide on placement. oh and waiting til the holidays so i can use my Christmas bonus on something I want rather than bills and debt for once 8)
  • fair enough. spend money on tats, not bills. Recently I've seen this group of "kids" on 14th Street begging for money. (sorry to be off topic) They are covered in tats and piercings... I'm like, wtf, I have to work for my tats, why do they beg for money for theirs! So not fair.
  • probably because mom and dad said "no" after a while and that's just easier than actually getting a job and earning something. jerkstores...
  • is three kings new? i'll have to check it out.

    as i mentioned, i want someone good with typography and graphic design.

    i know my roommate wants to get her 'mistake' covered up. i'll mention it to her as well.
  • poppy13 wrote: fair enough. spend money on tats, not bills.
    well i'm finally out of those debts and bills. so it's time to buy myself a present that i've been sittin on for almost two years. tattoos really are addicting :o