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DREAM OF ME/ Off Broadway

Come see your fellow Brooklynites perform in an Off Broadway show. Many in the cast are young actors from Brooklyn who formed Mainspring Collective, their own theatre group, two years ago to explore the arts and share their vision of NY theatre.

Dream of Me makes the move to Off Broadway!

HUGE news from Mainspring Collective!!

Our original play, Dream of Me is moving to the Players Theatre (an OFF BROADWAY house) for two weeks this spring!

Following a nearly sold out run at the cell theatre in Chelsea, Dream of Me (a fast paced series of vignettes featuring original music, dance, and video art) is moving to a 180 seat off Broadway house in the West Village for ONLY TWO WEEKENDS!

Kicking yourself for missing it the first time? Now's your chance to make things right and enjoy that fabulous night at the theater you deserve.

All performances are at The Players Theatre located at 115 MacDougal Street. Dates are listed below:

Thurs. 5/28 AND Thurs. 6/4
Fri. 5/29 AND Fri. 6/5
Sat. 5/30 AND Sat. 6/6

All performances are at 8:00pm

**This performance contains full nudity**



*Make sure to use the PROMO code: PreDream, when purchasing your ticket to get the discount.
Tickets are $25 at the door.

Saw the show and loved it? See it again!
AND tell your friends...
We're counting on you to spread the word... because Mainspring Collective is moving one whole "off" closer to Broadway!

Check out the press release below, along with some reviews!

Mainspring Collective, in collaboration with The Players Theatre, presents Dream of Me, a multi-media theatre piece based on Charles Mee's 'Fetes de la Nuit'. Set in New York City, the play (written by Alexandria LaPorte and directed by Hilary Krishnan) is a voyeuristic exploration of love, youth, naiveté, and the struggle for finding fulfillment, both in and out of relationships.

This multi-media work infuses text inspired by Charles Mee with video art, original music, memorable performances, and innovative dance. The resulting vignettes are an eye-popping series embarking upon the complexity of human relationships and life in the city.

"A poignant and passionate piece, it explores the deepest sorrows and boundless joys that love inflicts on the hearts of New York City dwellers. Dream of Me is a powerful, inherently human work that is a must-see for anyone who ponders the profundity of love and appreciates theater that stimulates the mind."
Kristin Forte for Show Business Weekly.

"Fueled by a young and vibrant cast, the piece lightly touches on every aspect of sex and relationships, cleverly illustrating the anxiety and the freedom of the modern hunt for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Men dress as women, anything can happen, and nothing is sacred. But just like that, Dream of Me morphs into a poignant piece, contemplating the softer moments between us."
Mark DeFrancis for nytheatre.com

Laine Bonstein
Lila Green
Amy Temple
Jenna Weinberg
Julia Zangrilli
Jimmy Juste
Shawn Rice
Richard Saudek

Production Team:
Playwright: Alexandria LaPorte
Director: Hilary Krishnan
Production Manager: Frances Rodriguez
Stage Manager: Marina Fishbeyn
Set/Lighting: Vaughn Preston
Sound Design: Frances Rodriguez/Stephen Schor
Choreographer: Jennifer Kraus
Video: Min Oh
Photography: Annie Carrell


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