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Hitting the reset button



  • you lost me at the farts. I'm going to Steinhof very soon. If I smell farts, I'm calling you out

    (and sorry about the dog)
  • Jeeze Kaiser, that's one rough few months to say the least. Sending good vibes your way, I'll PM you if I'm in the area on Fri.
  • Excellent.
    Thanks for the vibes.

    Flexi, orite then ill cut it out.
    You pick the topic.
  • Fee Beer on Friday??????


    Maybe I see you there, what time?
  • Wuf. Kaiser - ya been thru the meat grinder and back. You deserve to blow off some steam (and gas).
  • Damn! Would love to join you, Monte, but I'm working Friday night.
  • kaiserkai, though you're talking a tough talk, I'm giving you sympathy anyhow.

    1. divorces are usually for the best, while it hurts badly now, ultimately your life will be more copacetic and free. Look forward to rediscovering yourself.

    2. break-ins suck, but its just things, and you don't take it with you, be glad that you were not harmed, and let posters know if you need replacement things, you never know. also check out freecycle.org

    3 re. your beloved pet, I'm just sorry that s/he is so sick, I'm sure they are infintely grateful for your care and support.

    4. moving just sucks, flat out. Try to think of it as an intense working out of all your frustrations through bodily exhaustion.

    I hope you have a wonderful time getting tanked, may the bartender bestow great blessings and extra shots on your evening! Take care of yourself, and remember, it WILL get better.
  • sometimes hitting the reset button is like heaven on earth
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