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Wyckoff Hospital...Alternatives??

Hey a dear friend of mine was hit by a car on the W'burg Bridge yesterday and has a broken clavicle. he was sent to Wyckoff Hospital which I hear is the PITS. Is there another hospital not so far away that he could transfer to? one that isn't horrible?



  • Long Island College on Atlantic Ave
  • I went to the Long Island College emergency room with a gashed face in May and they weren't going to have a plastic surgeon on duty until 12 hours later.

    We got in the car and drove to a good hospital in New Jersey.

    Not directly relevant to a broken bone situation, just adding my story to the discussion.
  • I was working on the theory of close by.

    Given the options of close - Methodist on 9th or LI College - hands down LIC.
    Only other two options in Bklyn - Maimonedes or Lutheran - bit of a schlepp.

    If proximity is not the determining factor, and we can go outside Brooklyn - there are only two hospitals to consider: NYU Midtown and NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell.
  • good advice. I don't even know how to figure out which hospitals are good except for word of mouth.

    heard anything about NYU downtown hospital?
  • NYU downtown was the old Beekman downtown - not as good as midtown NYU. Lots of maternity from Chinatown and spill over from the courts.

    If I was on the gurney and had my druthers - NY Pres Weill Cornell. It is still a teaching hospital but the ratio of doctors to residents is better, time in triage is less and the level of care is much better. Of course when you are in dire need - ya gotta go to the closest available.

    Certain hospitals have the training, equipment and skill to treat all emergencies - again, LIC, Maimonedes and Lutheran are the only three in Brooklyn. Maimonedes has a great cardio staff, LIC has a better crit care and Lutheran (and Maimonedes) have good maternity care. The waits will stink in each - esp. on a Friday/Saturday night. Avoid Coney Island Hospital and Kings County like the plague - treat and release might do a better job.
  • thanks-- this friend was released but has to go back and forth every few days to have the bone checked etc. i was hoping to find another place in the neighborhood that wouldn't be quite as bad as Wyckoff, but seems like there isn't anything better.

    re decent hospitals, I learned when my neighbor had a major seizure recently that Lutheran has an excellent trauma center. as soon as they want to release you from the trauma center into the regular hospital you want them to send you to a different hosp. instead.

    Coney Island Hospital is nasty and scary in a lot of ways, but my grandmother was at CIH for a week last year in their new wing and she actually got good, attentive care in a clean environment. better than she had all the times she was at Lutheran. i was quite surprised having seen how it was in the 90s. I second Methodist for cardio as well--had good cardio doctors in the ER as well as once admitted. in general Methodist is pretty good these days.

    NYU Downtown isn't too bad. a friend's mother was a pharmacist there for decades and she thought it was fine, though agreed that there was lots of spillover from the courts.

    bottom line with hospitals is that you basically always need a family member advocating for you to get the care you need, otherwise you'll languish without much attention, even in a better hospital.
  • Your friend may want to look into SUNY Downstate. I had a relative who was a long-term patient in their Nephrology clinic and he swore by the place. As a teaching hospital they have a lot of direct care. He said it was considered a great hospital for some limited specialties including kidney disease, obstetrics, and a few others. I know they have a orthopedic/rehabilitative medicine specialty at the hospital so this might be worth doing a little leg work on.
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