Does anyone remember, C. Scoby Stroman — Brooklynian

Does anyone remember, C. Scoby Stroman

Scoby was a drummer, dancer (sand), & a great poet?
I need to publish his poetry book, everyone in his family has died. I lived with him 4 ,10 yrs. and he gave me his unpublished works to publish.


  • Subject: C Scoby Stroman

    I am writing a paper on Scoby the dancer. I need more information can you help?
  • Yes, Who are you???? email me @ We need to meet first. Thank you for your reply. His works are long overdue.
  • noroomforsquares, Did U send email 2 me. I saw something from a stranger & deleted it. Send again w/Scoby as subject. Thank U.
  • Yes, I remember Scoby RIP. I was fortunate to be one of his drum students at the Muse - on Eastern Parkway and Bedford Ave. (Brooklyn, NY). Along with teaching me the importance of rudiments & how to read music, Scoby taught me the history of drums, ancient Egypt, symbols, astral traveling and a host of other things. I miss Scoby, RIP.

  • Hi, i was wondering if you were able to Publish the book yet ? Did he ever discuss the title?
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