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How safe is Kingsland Ave at Herbert Str

Hi, am considering to purchase a condo on the corner of Kingsland Avenue and Herbert street, Since it borders industrial area am a bit concerned about security at night. Will it be safe to walk at nights from L stop at Granham Ave to Kinsland at Herbert Str. Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much


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    Hi there,

    I am female and have lived in this neighborhood for eight years. I can tell you that the walk from Graham to Kingsland and Herbert at night is pretty safe, but would recommend (as with anywhere in the city!) using common sense -- don't have your ipod on at night, watch your surroundings, etc.

    However, also having lived in the neighborhood for eight years, and I know the condos you are talking about, I would discourage you from buying for other safety reasons. Kingsland and Herbert is on the border of an industrial sector and right next to Meeker Avenue and the BQE. The pollution is crazy and will only get worse. I would go to the Department of Buidings site and find out what that condo used to be -- there are condos in the area that have been built on industrial sites (one very fancy one sits on an old creosote factory) and most people don't know what is in the ground they are sitting on. That corner is also not far from the Meeker plume of pollution which I believe may qualify for a Superfund site. Also, the majority of the new "loft living" construction in the area is crap built for developers to make a quick buck. Clueless renters have had 800/ month electrical bills because of poor insulation, or flooding in split level apartments. I watched that building be built and it is really shoddy. I would recommend renting in the neighborhood for a while and deciding where you woudl ultimatley want to buy -- otherwise what's really going to be "unsafe" is your financial situation. I am very fond of the neighborhood, but don't think those condos are a good investment. If you must buy, the building on Jackson and Woodlpoint I think has some units and I would check there, it's much nicer. Good Luck!
  • Thank you Catahoula, For such a deatiled advise. I almost made my mind regaring this condo but now after your message will have to reconisder. I was in the areas for 20-30 min (while checking the appartment ) and did not feel pollution, But you are right this things get into you with time:(
    It was pretty discouragingl, I guess I will never consider buying anytghing in this area. Thank you, Narmina
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