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Trick or treat?

I'm new to the area and have a 5 year old. Do kids trick or treat in greenpoint? and if so where is there more active homes/business?


  • A lot of the stores on Manhattan Ave do trick or treating, especially between McCarren and Greenpoint Ave.
    There's a kid's parade down Manhattan followed by a party at the Slavic Center, it's probably next Sunday.
    The Halloween party at the Y was yesterday & we missed it. :(
  • Not sure about Greenpoint, but Clinton Hill has an organized kid safe trick or treat event. They have a map and everything, so you can feel safer trick or treating with your kid. You can get more info about it here:

    and here:
  • For christ sake! What has happened to everyone? Just go house to house and say trick or treat. If someone has a treat they'll give you. If not they won't answer the door. Keep an eye on your kids, check the candy before they eat it. What the hell happened to common sense? Safety concerns? Go as a group. Explore, let your child be a child. Greenpoint is not a ghetto. Stop over-worrying and have fun. That's what halloween is about. That, plus shaving cream, eggs and toilet papering the neighbors home.
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