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new restaurant (!?) for corner of Dean and Underhill


  • Do you mean directly across from Purity?

    The only space I can think of is the first floor of the small apartment building.

  • um, Dean St .... formerly Tavern on Dean?

  • The article says across from the old TOD.

  • ah! thanks.

    Given how packed everyplace in the 'hood is, that is an excellent location.

    yessssssss, let's fill those vacant storefronts.

    ....combined with the new ice cream place that is slated to open on that vacant corner on Vanderbilt, this area is turning out very nicely.

  • We were there for dinner this weekend and had a great burger which came with a huge side of salty, but otherwise delicious, fries. Also had a delicious and large ceasar salad.

    Have also stopped in for coffee in the am - the baked goods are delicious and they have a bunch of savory scones and muffins too.

  • Ha! I am not the only one who is/was confused by this thread

    Daneo- This thread is discussing another new restaurant at this intersection. It has yet to open. You couldn't have eaten a burger there this weekend.

    However, it is very likely that you at at Dean St

  • i think if you click the blog link and see the picture, there's definitely no mistaking that this is NOT dean

  • pic of the new spot.

    Attached files image
  • I can't wait to see what type of place it will be. How can you tell about the sidewalk cafe?

  • DOB application found online..

  • new restaurant at this intersection. It has yet to open. You couldn't have eaten a burger there this weekend.

    Maybe Danaeo is writing from the future.

  • it's going to be a ramen joint, chef is from morimoto. effin' impressive, prospect heights!!

  • Oh, ok, now things make sense....I read about the Morimoto chef leaving (with Morimoto's blessing, no less).

    This is VERY exciting. Ramen nowkpleasethanks!

  • ah, ok cool - i also wondered yesterday when i heard about the morimoto shake up if that was the intended location... i for one will be psyched to have some quality noodles around the corner! and then maybe a post-ramen cocktail at dean street. ;)

  • Kimchi Tacos and now ramen east of Vanderbilt. Cool!

  • The Ramen place has it's grand opening on Vanderbilt this weekend, and is located at the former site of Nicks.

    However, work continues at the place pictured above. Anyone know when it will open and what it will serve?

  • i spoke with nick today. he was doing some painting on the exterior. he said that it opens tonight. don't exactly know what's on their menu, but thought i read an article not long ago that spelled out what they plan to serve. if i remember correctly: noodles, dumplings...?

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    Threecee, that is the brand new the ramen place on Vanderbilt, Chuko It should be yummy.

    However, this thread is discussing the new place coming to approximately 49 UNDERHILL.

  • oops. sorry.

  • I think we are all stunned at the number of places that continue to open despite the larger economic climate.

  • I saw work going on for a while and not much lately. I asked a worker one time what's coming there and he said a restaurant but did not know what type or when they would move in. Place looked pretty nice but not totally finished. This was about 2-3 weeks ago

  • gonna be a greek restaurant.

  • also according to the DOB website the sidewalk cafe is not approved

  • Do you think the area between Classon and Underhill will support 3 Greek places?

    1. Neptune diner (soon to open)

    2. Teddy's (open on Washington)

    3. this place.

  • Isn't Teddy's looking for a buyer? Or have they given up?

  • Fast forward over a year

    Teddy's is gone, and has been replaced by Bar Corvo

    blockquote>ltjbukem said:

    pic of the new spot.

    This location has reportedly recently applied for a Beer/Wine lic:

    Underhill Café and Grill LLC, 760 Dean Street (corner of Underhill Ave)

    aka 49 Underhill Ave

    Note: Just because the liquor lic was requested under the name Underhill Cafe and Grill, does not mean that the establishment will do business under that name.

  • As long as their patrons use the bathrooms inside I am happy to have a new place to try.

  • Word has it that they are keeping the name Underhill Grill and Cafe.

    The CB8 board supported its SLA lic application tonight, April 11, 2013

  • Serious competition for Dean Street Tavern. Dean Street has good food and great burgers but it is sooooo hard to get a second drink!

  • Dec 19

    The Underhill Café and Grill is now awaiting an initial inspection of their kitchen from DOH.

    Has anyone had a chance to look in at the dining area? Does it look like they are finished?

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    over three years since this thread began:

    A little birdie tells me that the dining area is indeed finished, and all construction equipment is absent.

    Tables and chairs are onsite, ready for use.

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    Awning. Slow motion thread.

    This place has now been in the works for almost five years.

    the website is a still a shell:
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    They just now filed for an alc lic, 4/8/2016:

    If they have all their paperwork together the SLA will grant the permit somewhat quickly, but I'd be surprised if it is in place before Spring ends.

    ...I'd also be surprised if they decide to open while they are awaiting a permit. 
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    They only sought to serve wine.  Permit was granted quickly: 5/20/2016.

    Website still a shell:

    Has anyone seen any signs of them opening?

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