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(UPDATE FOUND) Lost Cat: Williamsburg/Greenpoint — Brooklynian

(UPDATE FOUND) Lost Cat: Williamsburg/Greenpoint

Our cat fell from our window (taking the screen with him) this morning 5/25/2011. He is a tuxedo cat- all black except for white belly and white paws. He is extremely shy and good mannered but gets very scared when he is outside. His “meow” sounds like super Mario jumping. If you have seen him please let us know…his brother and family miss him.

925-818-5916 or 925-708-6855

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  • See picture attached for our last cat. Please contact us if found.

    Attached files image
  • He is too cute!!!!

    put up signs in the immediate area. Cats rarely venture very far from their homes (usually less then 90 feet ) and go out and look for him. Make posters and post them this is the most important thing you can do. Also add where he fell - in the front or back of the house and the block where he fell.

  • Put up flyers everywhere and keep putting them up. He is out there. The best times to look are early, early in the morning, at dusk, and late at night. If all else fails, borrow a trap and bait it with stinky fish or fried chicken.

  • He has been found! THank you so much for all your help!

  • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!