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Gyms Near Kensington or northward?

Hi all, I am seeking a gym I can use now (living in Crown Heights-- far, I know) that I will also be able to access when I eventually move to Kensington.

Any suggestions?


  • there is a kosher gym some over there.

  • Kensington Aerobics & Fitness

    202 Caton Avenue

    NY 11218-1617

    (718) 854-8300

  • I'm not a member but this is another gym in the area:

    Spartan Gym

    1166 Coney Island Ave. (near Ave. H)

    Brooklyn, NY 11230

    (718) 434-2300

  • I live in Kensington and have been a member of Kensington Aerobics & Fitness. It is a fine gym, but if you were ever a member of a big YMCA or Equinox than forget it, you will find it to be very lacking. It is very cheap though, so you get what you pay for.

    Nowadays I get on the F train to Bergen St and attend the Dodge YMCA. It is a great gym with a pool. There is a closer YMCA in Park Slope, but the pool is very small and adult laps are only late at night a couple days a week, so I switched to the dodge YMCA.

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