Cats are a sophisticated and intelligent species. — Brooklynian

Cats are a sophisticated and intelligent species.

I always believed cats were smarter than the average dog and this is why I love them so much. I know I risk alienating the dog lovers of this forum but how can you watch this video and deny how intellectually astute cats are?


  • Why does jumping on a windowsill make cats intellectually astute?

  • If you can not praise this cat for what he is caught doing then you need to check your eyes and get a better pair of glasses.

  • I guess I should, thanks. Can you give me a hint?

  • dailyheights said:

    Why does jumping on a windowsill make cats intellectually astute?

    Maybe we will get an answer if we slightly change the question:

    How does jumping on a window demonstrate intelligence?

    I also believe cats are smart, but I question the evidence being provided. I hope better examples will be provided.

  • ....because there are a lot of skeptics.

  • Oh silly me, maybe it is common to see a barking dog in your neck of the woods. I am sure that in your unkemp apartment there are numerous cats that bark all day and switch over to meowing upon being discovered. Silly me, I should have known that you, Whynot_31 are the trainer of all these barking cats. This explains in theory why you can't understand the question. Please accept my apologies and no disrespect was intended.

    Phew, It is not easy explaining things to a man in his 50's who has the intellect of a 10 yr old. He has tuckered me out, lol.

  • You do not need to convince me cats are smarter than dogs.

    You set out merely to convince us they were smart. I fear you have not achieved your goal.

    Providing examples of thier intelligence is really where your argument has fallen short. So far, you have merely provided a short film, but it has not changed anyones preconceived notions.

  • The cat is barking? Why did you tell me to get eyeglasses? You should have told me to turn up the volume.

  • Science says: not only are dogs are smarter than cats, but when domesticated, also have greater capacity for growth in intelligence compared to cats. Link:

  • Dailyheights, While your link may show that dogs are smarter than cats, we still have yet to hear how cats are intelligent.

    Of course, I believe cats are smart, but this thread has not affirmed or dissuaded me from my belief.

  • >>we have yet to hear how cats are intelligent

    They bark like dogs. Duh.

  • Dailyheights-

    Even if we assume that you are correct in your assertion that cats bark like dogs, it does not show that they are smart.

    For example, I can imitate someone I envy, but this does not make me as smart as them.

    In some instances, I merely look silly ....such as when I try to wrap.

  • I think cats are defensive about being dumber than dogs. To sound smarter, they perch on windowsills and bark like dogs.

  • I think you give them to much credit.

    I think they are unaware of whether they are smarter than dogs.

    I have yet to hear that they are smart.

    This thread is disappointing. I knew cats were smart, and wanted to see evidence to back my belief, but have not seen any.

    It is kind of like creating a thread that says "women have breasts", but then providing no evidence in the thread.

    I like evidence.

  • What a beautiful day it was today. Would'nt you agree?

  • whynot_31 said:

    In some instances, I merely look silly ....such as when I try to wrap.

    If it ain’t furoshiki, it ain’t wrapping.

  • seriously.

    I don't know why some readers thought I was talking about music.

  • Can't be denied how brilliant they are.

  • ^^^ finally, someone presents evidence that cats are intelligent, affirming what I suspected all along ^^^

    People, the task only entails presenting a point of view, then being able to back it up with some kind of evidence when asked politely what the basis of your opinion is.

    This isn't rocket science.

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