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Flatbush Junction shooting

I was at school today and I heard that there was a shooting at Flatbush Junction. Anyone know anything about this incident?


  • I was nearby right after it happened, but they blocked off the area and there was not a lot of information given out. And there still isn't.

    There have been a few Twitter posts saying a 15 year old boy was killed, but that was not substantiated. And that is all I have seen. And I am still not seeing anything online anywhere about it, which I find weird.

  • Thanks for the update, Isla. Yeah that is really weird. Around Crown Heights where I live, everyone is nosy about everything. Information is always pretty readily available.

    Wonder why the difference. I watched the news as well and did not see anything there either. Maybe they are trying to find the killer? Often on crime shows, they try to be quiet if they are trying to find out information. Who knows? Geez! I am starting to feel like the Brooklyn Sherlock Holmes.

  • Yes, that was it. There has been very little coverage. What a crazy event


    It sounds like the guy is in the hospital, recovering. What a cool close. That was a very close shot. He is lucky the guy was such a bad shot. One of the people in the street seem to have no idea what was even happening.

    I will never understand how someone risks throwing their life away over a fight.

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