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Prospect Park South/Church Ave B/Q

I had a general question about the Church Avenue BQ station. I've been around that area a few times to see friends who live on the side streets off Caton. I really like the area in the daytime, and I've been there a few times at night and it seems quiet, and pretty safe.

That being said, I'm researching places to live and having a really lousy time apartment hunting. I've found some really great sounding places off of Parkside Ave, but the more I'm reading about it people are suggesting that it's not the safest place to live for a young female... Is the Church Ave stop maybe not my best bet for a nice apartment, or should I just ignore the posters who say it's dangerous after dark and move there anyway? Even though I've been there a few times and felt comfortable, I can't say that I've been there enough to know the area particularly well.

I'd be looking basically just south of the park on the border. How is Church Ave, actually? I've really only seen Caton and a few side streets.


  • We have a lot of syphilitic rabies in the area. My advice is to move to Wisconsin and GTFO.

  • @jopie3, what did you end up deciding? curious. same story with me. single female apartment hunting.

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