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Hypothetical Q: ad-free site paid option?

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Hi all.

This might not be of interest to most here and it is purely a hypothetical question that occurred to me over raisin bran this morning but here goes:

How many here would be open to paying a $5 per year membership for access to an advertising-free version of Brooklynian.com?

The idea is that individual paid memberships at some minimal amount per year would offset the need for display (banner etc.) ad revenue to support monthly hosting fees for the site.

And it'd perhaps just be a nice way for anyone so inclined to express appreciation for the site.


1) This would not in any way indicate that the current, ad-supported site would ever go away.

2) This would only be an extra option, intended for those interested in access to an ad-free version of the site in exchange for a minimal annual paid membership fee.

3) Obviously this will not make anyone rich. But it will help toward monthly hosting expenses, eliminating need for minimal ad revenues on an individual user basis.

4) There is no need to create this paid option. Merely a hypothetical idea suggested for those preferring an ad-free site and/or just looking to express appreciation for the thunderdome that is Brooklynian.com .

So without further ado, have at the poll!



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    I'd pay more. But that's just me, not all the users.

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    Right. One would expect just a small percentage of active (not total) users to spring for this.

    And other contribution amounts above $5/yr might be a possibility in the signup process.

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    One of the sites that I frequent offers such an option and they play heavily on the "support our forum (which is such a great resource for you)" aspect. They also give contributing members a special little badge next to their user name; I think this helps by using good ol' peer pressure and it works - I have a special little badge next to my user name, on that forum.

    Just brainstorming, but special, 'Members Only' content/perks/boards might be an additional incentive. Now that I think about it, the board that I referenced above allows distributors/retailers to post in the classifieds section only if they've contributed.

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    i would pay $5, but not sure how much more.

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    And just because you drop a Lincoln once a year, you would not get a free pass to break or push the rules of the site.

    <-- needs her bowl of cereal or lunch :| ugh.. or coffee....

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    For obvious reasons, I ask that the fee not be based on the number of posts a user makes.

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    More posts you have, the more you need to pay. That or you buy the first round at Festivus :santa:


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    I hope we get some of our former posters and newbies to appear at Festivus!

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    Be sure to VOTE IN THE POLL, folks! :)

    WhyFi - really great ideas.

    Regarding the Classifieds listings privileges in Brooklynian's case perhaps it might work as follows:

    Currently users are limited to 1 Classifieds post per week. This allows non-merchant, average users to post without having to pay anything.

    Perhaps some additional paid membership level would allow a user (merchant or not) to be exempt from that 1-per-week Classifieds posting limit. We don't want to create a situation where the site suddenly becomes filled with Classifieds that crowd out other posts on front and recent activity pages.

    Perhaps something like a $20/yr level would come with the benefit of up to 5 Classifieds posts per week. Or some other combo of maintaining higher price for more listings that keeps overall posts in balance.


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    As a casual reader/poster, I would not pay the $5. The ads don't really bother me & I don't use the classifieds.

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