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Brooklyn in the ' 80's — Brooklynian

Brooklyn in the ' 80's

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Subject: Brooklyn in the ' 80's

Does anybody still remember Brooklyn in the '80's?


  • Yes, I moved to Park Slope in 1983.

  • Yep Johnnie those were my John Jay days. Still can't look at shell top adidas with thinking of those days. TJ Bentleys in bay ridge was one of the old stomping grounds.

  • I moved to the Slope in '76. I remember the 80's as a decade in which the junkies who inhabited the shooting gallery known as 5th Avenue would break into my not-so-fabulous Dodge Omni each night hoping to steal the car radio and/or my kids' carseats. They eventually stole those and more.

    I came to think that gentification was the most wonderful thing in the world... Anything to get rid of the junkies!

  • Moved to the Slope in '75. I done seen it all. The 69'ers, Misnky's, Danny's Candy Store, Bellamellio's, John Jay HS riots, gentrification Mondaca Library and so on, and so on, and so on.

  • Ah... Bellamellio's! The very best thing ever in the Slope! (and tied with Hot Bird in Prospect Heights)

  • Brooklyn in the 80s?

    I moved from God's Country to Minnesota in 1987 after living there for 35 years [why did I move? Uh, it's a thing called temporary insanity. Sure enough there's no cure for that sort of thing.] So, I well remember the 80s.

    Hanging out at Prospect Park, playing lots of paddle ball, going to Randazzo's or Joe's Clam Bar on Emmons Ave, an occasional walk in Coney Island or the Columbia Heights Esplanade, lots & lots of book sales.